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Local Funding Schemes

Local Councils' Joint funding for events and initiatives

As part of the measures being undertaken by central government for the development of sustainable localities a fund amounting to €250,000 has been allocated to assist Local Councils in the implementation of events held throughout the year.

This scheme follows Government’s policies objectives namely the Policy for Local Governance and the National Tourism Policy on the need to diversify the product offer, reduce seasonality and provide a better distribution of income within our localities. The scheme will thus serve the purpose of giving an incentive to those Councils that propose initiatives aiming at enhancing their localities’ cultural heritage, through the promotion of traditional activities, the enrichment of local artists’ skills and talents to domestic and foreign visitors alike.

With tourism as one of the mainstays of the Maltese economy and a provider for a wide array of employment activity in the archipelago, the proposed scheme will assist in enhancing the visibility and create awareness of Malta’s cultural diversity. This financial assistance will further encourage Local Councils to embark on cultural activities which if organised outside the peak months would help de-congestion whilst promoting social, economical, cultural and environmental sustainability of localities.

Malta – a prime tourist destination during the summer months, well known for its ‘sun and sea’ attributes – has a great potential due to its wealth relating to tangible and intangible heritage. The organisation of cultural activities highlighting Malta’s diversity would in turn assist in easing problems of seasonality and help channel tourism flows towards the non-traditional locations.

Click below to download the:

Local Councils events initiatives application form

Local Councils events scheme guidlines


Sports Tourism Scheme

Sports activity is a significant contributor to socio-economic development throughout the world and Malta is no exception. International Sports Events organized locally can be effective in improving local talent and at the same time conducive to further development of tourism in Malta.

A study carried out by Dr. Gordon Cordina covering a 4 year span between 2005 and 2008, shows that on average, National Sports Organisations host an average of 23 events each year. The costs incurred by the organisations to host these events were estimated to be in the region of €943,000 per year.
These events have attracted circa 2,700 foreigners yearly spending an estimated €1,092,000 per annum.

The study concluded that International sports activities in Malta have the potential to attract 9,000 visitors per year generate a GDP of over €2.4 million per year and bring about a tax generated revenue of around €520,000 per year. The total costs involved in the organisation of these activities are
estimated at €2.1 million per year. Local Sports Organisations are affiliated to international bodies thus resulting in significant networking frameworks, which is in itself a potential to further increase international activities held locally if adequate financial support is provided.

Another study carried out by Economic Management Consultancy services shows that the local contribution of sport activity to the GDP is between 1.5% and 2.3% of which around one third is mainly related to sports tourism. However, the study understates the true contribution of sports activities to
Malta’s economy and society, fails to measure the effects on health and human capital formation and of voluntary work which are not measured through GDP statistics. It does however indicate a potential for sports activities to grow within the formal measured economy.

In 2006 KMS launched the assistance scheme ‘International Participation Local Assistance on a pilot project basis. The scheme generated over 57,000 bed nights none of which pertained to scuba diving, golf, rock climbing or international football events. The scheme was only applicable to National
Sports Organisations including the Malta Olympic Committee in 2008. Since the introduction of this scheme till the end of 2008, the KMS committed a total of €257,573.

Following the first year of the PILOT SPORTS TOURISM SCHEME in 2009, funded between the MTA and the KMS, some Eur. 90,000 were given in subsidies to various sports organisations, which funds supported events that generated over 22,000 bed nights.

In the year 2013, the sports tourism scheme which is now under the remit of the Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport generated 112,362 bednights in the Maltese islands.


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